Daily Oriental Post was founded with one main goal:

Delivering Trustworthy News Daily.

Started in 2021, Daily Oriental Post is a growing social news platform that brings the latest news and information that you can trust every day. We are passionate about delivering great stories to millions of readers across Asia as well as giving people a platform to voice out important issues of the world. We aim to expose our readers to a variety of cultures, trends and real-life events of the 21st century. 

Our news range from lifestyle news including fashion, health, entrepreneurship stories to international and local news going on today, ensuring that every content released upholds quality standards.

The heart of our company consists of a team of talented writers from different parts of the continent. Despite different races, backgrounds and experiences, we respect and understand that our unique differences are the main source of out-of-the-box creativity. 

In addition to that, we are striving to become the largest social news platform in Asia and looking to further explore other digital content like interactive video production, investigative reporting and more. We are also constantly expanding our team so if you enjoy sharing interesting stories and don’t mind working remotely, be a part of the team and contribute your writing here