TOP 10 Cartoon Network shows from the 90s that you need to re-watch ASAP

From battling the forces of evil with the Powerpuff Girls to exploring the depths of the ocean with Johnny Bravo, these iconic cartoons have become cultural touchstones for an entire generation. In this article, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit the top 10 Cartoon Network shows from the 90s that you absolutely need to re-watch right now. 

1. The Powerpuff Girls

Did you know that the Powerpuff Girls were originally created as a one-shot cartoon in 1992? It wasn’t until 1998 that the show became a full-fledged series and captured the hearts of viewers with its blend of action, humor, and girl power.

2. Johnny Bravo

The character of Johnny Bravo was actually inspired by Elvis Presley and his iconic pompadour hairstyle. The show also featured a number of celebrity cameos, including Adam West, Farrah Fawcett, and Don Knotts.

3. Ed, Edd n Eddy

The three Eds were named after the show’s creator, Danny Antonucci, and his two sons. The show was also known for its distinct animation style, which featured characters with long, pointed noses and exaggerated body proportions.

4. Cow and Chicken

This surreal show was known for its off-the-wall humor and bizarre characters. Did you know that the show was actually a spinoff of another Cartoon Network show, “What a Cartoon!”?

5. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory was created by Genndy Tartakovsky, who would go on to create other beloved shows like Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. The character of Dexter was also based on Tartakovsky’s own experiences as a child, as he was fascinated with science and experimentation.

6. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

The show’s premise was originally a one-shot cartoon called “Grim & Evil”, which featured separate segments for Billy and Mandy as well as the characters of Evil Con Carne. After the pilot aired, the show was retooled and became “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”.

7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

This creepy show was known for its dark humor and unsettling atmosphere. Did you know that the show’s creator, John R. Dilworth, voiced the character of Courage himself?

do you remember who is this?

8. Tom and Jerry

While Tom and Jerry originally debuted in the 1940s, the show continued to air on Cartoon Network throughout the 90s. The show was known for its slapstick humor and the iconic cat-and-mouse duo.

9. Samurai Jack

The ending of Samurai Jack was a highly anticipated event for fans of the show. The final episode, which aired in 2017, brought closure to Jack’s journey after five seasons. In the episode, Jack finally defeats the evil Aku and travels back in time to the moment before Aku first appeared on Earth. Jack destroys Aku before he can take over the world, creating a new timeline where Jack’s family and friends are still alive. The final scene shows Jack traveling through a beautiful landscape, finally at peace after his long and difficult journey. The ending was praised for its emotional impact and satisfying conclusion to Jack’s story.


10. Batman: The Animated Series

While not technically a Cartoon Network original, this show was a staple of the network’s lineup in the 90s. It was known for its stylish animation, mature storytelling, and iconic voice cast, which included Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

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