Retired Housekeeper In The US Wins Lottery Three Times Since 2018

A retired housekeeper in the US was three times lucky, winning the lottery three times since 2018.

The 61-year-old, from Montgomery County, had initially won the US$50,000 (RM211,250) Bonus Cash game in August 2018.

Her winning streak continued two months later where she won another US$50,000 in the Cash Craze Doubler instant ticket.

For the third time, the woman won a US$50,000 jackpot in a scratch-off lottery recently.

“People play every day and not win,” the winner told Fox 5.

“It’s amazing that I won three times.”

The woman bought all three winning tickets from the Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service in Bethesda.

For her latest win, the woman said she scratched the winning ticket in the car.

After calming down, she called her best friend, who later accompanied her to the Maryland Lottery office to claim her prize.

“When she told me, I was so happy for her,” the best friend said.

“It was hard to believe that she won US$50,000 again.”

The winner told lottery officials that she would use the winnings to fund home improvements.

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