Young PH candidates 'vow to make way'

Young candidates competing for a seat in the Melaka state assembly in the Nov 20 polls are determined not to stay in politics forever as they also want to make way for younger faces someday.

According to two Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidates, since they were given the chance to start young in politics by their seniors, they also pledged to afford the same opportunity to the generation after them.

Ayer Keroh candidate Kerk Chee Yee from DAP said rather than make politics his career, he would stay in the arena only until he had accomplished some objectives that were close to his heart.

Kerk said the reason he joined politics, among others, was because of his experience growing up in Melaka, which made him realise that all public issues would affect him too.

They included the main problems that Melakans were facing such as slow Internet connection, poor drainage, and little job and business opportunities, as well as the advancement of technology that have yet to flourish in this historical state.

“Politics should not be treated as a platform for personal gain. I am on a mission here.

“In my mind, I think about the things that I want to accomplish for my constituents and the entire state.

“When all of my missions have been accomplished, I would like to retire from politics so that I can make way for the younger generation who come after me,” he told the New Straits Times.

PH candidate for the Rim seat, Prasanth Kumar Brakasam, 27, who is contesting for the first time, echoed a similar view, but preferred to set an age limit as to when he would retire from politics.

Considering he was given the chance to start dabbling in politics at the young age of 19, Prasanth said he would make sure the younger generation would also have a place in the political arena.

Despite his youth, Prasanth was exposed to state administrative work during the 22-month PH rule in Melaka, where he was appointed as one of former chief minister Adly Zahari’s special officers.

“Although I am only 27, I have been actively participating in politics since I was 19. I prefer to set an age limit of 50 to retire so that the generation after me will have a place, just like how I was given the chance to prove myself by my leaders in PKR,” he said.

He pointed out the importance of youths getting familiar with politics, especially with the introduction of Undi18 by the year-end, saying that the younger generation now needed to understand the difference between political drama and administrative work.

“Administrative work can change the lives of many. This has nothing to do with the drama side of things, which is why it is important for all of us young people in Melaka to come out and vote this Nov 20.”

The Melaka election was called following the dissolution of the state assembly on Oct 4 after four assemblymen withdrew their support for Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali from Umno.

Melaka has 495,196 registered voters and the EC is expecting a 70 per cent turnout for polling day on Nov 20.

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