Portugal Bans Bosses From Contacting Their Staff Outside Working Hours With New Law

Portugal has introduced a new law prohibiting bosses from contacting employees after work hours in the office. According to the BBC, companies will face penalties if they call or email employees at night and on weekends.

The new labour law was passed in the parliament of Portugal last Friday (5 November). The law was introduced by the socialist party in response to the increase in cases of working from home since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies also have to pay for expenses incurred by employees as a result of working from homes such as electricity and internet bills. Parents now have the right to work from home until their child is eight years old, without having to arrange it in advance with their employer. However, the amendment to the Portuguese labour law does not apply to companies with less than 10 employees.

The question here is that can something like this be implemented in Malaysia? Will employers be able to control themselves not to contact their workers outside the normal workings hours?

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