MP: Authorities Should Focus on Jho Low Instead of Nur Sajat & Clare Rewcastle Brown

Member of Parliament for Jelutong, MP RSN Rayer is urging the authorities to change their focus on their search for justice on Jho Low, instead of looking for Nur Sajat or Clare Rewcastle Brown.

He made the appeal during yesterday’s session of Parliament, where he questioned the authorities’ intentions in their search for Nur Sajat and Clare Rewcastle Brown.


“I wanted to ask, what is Nur Sajat’s offense? What is Clare Rewcastle Brown’s offense?”

He went on to explain that Clare Rewcastle Brown had exposed the biggest scandal in Malaysian history, yet she is the one being treated like a criminal.

“Clare Rewcastle Brown is someone who exposed the biggest scandal in our country, involving our former Prime Minister. Nur Sajat is a successful entrepreneur,

“Please find Jho Low. Please find Jho Low. Focus your attention on Jho Low. Look for him in every worm hole and bring him back to our country. Don’t waste time on things that are not beneficial,” he urged.

You can check out yesterday’s Parliamentary session here:

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