2022 Budget Will Increase Debt Burden Of Future Generations, Says Mukhriz

An opposition MP has criticised the 2022 budget proposals for failing to reflect the creativity of the finance ministry and the government in determining the country’s direction which would guarantee a future for the coming generations.

Mukhriz Mahathir (Pejuang-Jerlun) said the approach taken by the government would place the country’s huge debt burden on the shoulders of the future generation who would inherit the country.

“In addition, old debts will be paid with new loans,” he said while debating the 2022 Supply Bill in Parliament.

“Look at the 1MDB debt which was once labelled an ‘off-balance sheet’, which has to be borne by the government. The debt amounting to RM2 billion will be paid with new loans by the government, and future generations have to bear this debt.”

Mukhriz also criticised the budget for failing to address the rising cost of living.

“The price increase on basic food items burdens the poor so much that Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia would not help them,” he said.

“The price of construction materials has gone up as well. The government will say that these price increases are beyond its control and are bound by the conditions of the global market, but I would like to push the government to take responsibility to control these prices.

“Whatever the government does in the name of helping the people will lose its purpose if it does not increase their purchasing power.”

Mukhriz suggested that the government work with padi farmers to forge a joint solution to reduce the cost of producing rice, increase production and reduce imports.

“Listen to the voice of the padi farmers who want to be free from the monopoly of padi seeds, pesticides and fertilizers,” he said.

Budget 2022 announced on Oct 29 includes an RM8.2 billion allocation for Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia, which would benefit 9.6 million citizens.

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