AirAsia Becomes New Unicorn Startup in ASEAN

Jakarta AirAsia has become one of the 3 ASEAN Unicorns based in Malaysia. The other two are Carsome and Edotco as stated in the Credit Suisse report.

The report highlights how structural and behavioral changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have had a positive impact on the digital economy and accelerated the pace of digitalization.

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said this was in recognition of the company’s strategy to be more than just an airline in the digital age not only on the right track, but also enabling AirAsia to play an important role as a major player in the e-commerce sector. and shipping in Asean.

“With a valuation value of more than USD 1 billion, our digital business has now assumed Unicorn status in a relatively short period of time or less than two years since we accelerated the process of business transformation outside the airline during the period of decline caused by the pandemic,” he explained in description, Tuesday (12/10/2021).

He said if AirAsia is now no longer just known as an airline but a digital services group.

Although its roots are in the aviation industry, it is now considered to have grown even bigger by creating a super app that has more than 15 types of services for travel and lifestyle that are diverse and interconnected with each other, as well as our rapidly growing edutech services, namely AirAsia Academy.

The company also has a cargo and logistics service called Teleport, as well as the BigPay digital financial service which is a one -stop solution for financial needs and is preparing to become the first virtual bank in Asean.

It is said that in the airline business line, AirAsia has a network of restaurant and food franchises called Santan, and an engineering company called Asia Digital Engineering (ADE) that will transform maintenance, repair, and inspection (MRO) services in the region. And has a leading ground services operations called GTR.

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