DON DON DONKI Malaysia Is Offering 80% Discount On Soon To Expire Products!

One thing that Malaysians all love is a good discount store. From sweet to savoury snacks and towels to toilet brushes, everything we would ever need would be under one roof, along with some pretty affordable prices.

But, you know what we love more? Discounts on discounts!

DON DON DONKI Malaysia took to their Facebook page to announce an 80 per cent discount on products that will be expiring soon after they faced an overstocking issue.

Source: DON DON DONKI Malaysia

They wrote, “Dear valued customers, thank you for visiting us and your continued support! We regret to inform you that we are currently facing an overstock issue and items are approaching their expiry dates. This is because the products were brought from Japan during the MCO period.”

Source: DON DON DONKI Malaysia

Source: DON DON DONKI Malaysia

On top of the discount, they also revealed (and apologised) that the store may look a little cluttered when you visit for your next snack run.

“For that, we are providing up to 80 per cent discounts on nearly expired products in order to bring more incredible products from Japan for you. We are currently in the midst of setting up our new store concept, to serve you better in the future,”

“You will find that our store will be a bit overwhelming with things laying around and some items being unavailable. We sincerely apologise for being unable to fulfil your expectations at the moment, but be rest assured that we will be back serving you better and offering you more new exciting products,” they added.

Source: DON DON DONKI Malaysia

So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over to DON DON DONKI Malaysia before all the good, affordable snacks are wiped out clean!

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