‘I plan to create opportunities’: Nur Sajat Invites Young Malaysians To Work For Her In Australia

A Malaysian entrepreneur has welcomed young Malaysians to work for her in Australia – once she has finished rebuilding her business there.

The 36-year-old cosmetics millionaire extended the invitation in an interview with comedian Harith Iskander last night on his What’s Going on in Malaysia talk show.

“I plan to create opportunities for young Malaysians who wish to experience working overseas in my company here,” she said, adding that she plans to rebuild her business in Australia, where she is recruiting stockists to sell beauty products and waist-training belts for her Nur Sajat Aesthetic business.

Sajat was granted asylum in Australia after she fled persecution by religious authorities, particularly the Islamic Religious Department of Selangor, or JAIS, who charged her with blasphemy for wearing a floral headscarf and a pink dress to a religious school in 2018. If found guilty, Nur Sajat, who is transgender, said she faced up to three years in a men’s facility.

Speaking from a hotel room in Sydney, where she is in quarantine, Sajat broke down in tears as she recalled leaving everything behind, including her young children Syahmi and Syaza, who are in the care of their grandparents.

“Before I left, I hugged my children, whom I have never been away from for a long time, and told them ‘your mom has to go somewhere so she can be safe,’” she said.

Sajat added that Malaysians need to be aware of human rights and the prosecution of LGBTQ people under Sharia law.

“Everyone, including the LGBTQ community and cisgender individuals, must be aware of human rights in Malaysia. Don’t be ignorant of the flaws within Malaysia’s human rights (system),” she said.

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