TikTok User Reveals That Amazon Has Collected Thousands Of Short Voice Files About Her

How many smart gadgets do you have in your house? A TikTok user discovered that her Amazon devices saved some data about her. Under the user name of @, the woman shared a video that has gone viral.

The girl explains that she owns three Amazon speakers, two Dots and an Echo, as well as smart bulbs. When she downloaded a ZIP file from the devices, she discovered some folders with various short voice files, which according to her Jeff Bezos’ company has collected through their speakers.

This person claims that she found 3,534 voice files of herself in those folders. It also shows that they have your list of phone contacts, information that it claims not to have shared or synchronized, as well as the exact location of where the devices are.

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So far the video has 2.7 million views and 188.7 thousand likes. Another user by the name of Amari commented: “Yes, if your Amazon is linked to your number, then Alexa is too. You need to read more, this is not new nor is it news. What did you think happened? ”

While other people asked for the steps to review the information or data that Amazon may have about them, and some complained of invasion of privacy.

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