Instagram will allow you to upload content from your computer

Finally? Within the framework of its ‘Innovation Week’, Instagram announced new features within which it highlights that it will now allow its creators or users to upload content from the computer.

“We are making available to all users a new function that has been highly anticipated, which will allow sharing photos and videos of less than 1 minute on Instagram from the browser on the computer,” the social network explains in a statement.

What other innovations does the platform bring?

Now users will also be able to collaboratively create on Feed, Reels, and Stories, through a feature called Collabs.

“With Collabs enabled, it will be possible to invite another user to contribute to a post, where the content will be available to both groups of followers, sharing the same amount of likes, views, and comments.”

Image: Courtesy of Instagram.

It will also present Superbeat + Dynamic / 3D Lyrics, a feature of Reels that will allow combining music and augmented reality effects, applying visual edits to the rhythm of the song that the user chooses.

Image: Courtesy of Instagram.

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