KJ: Individuals Who Cannot Be Vaccinated For Medical Reasons Can Apply For Exemption Certificate

Individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to medical factors including allergies can apply for a special digital exemption certificate.

Minister of Health Khairy Jamaluddin said that these individuals can apply for the certificate on the MySejahtera application through the nearest District Health Office (PKD) by submitting a ‘Suitability Assessment Slip for Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine for Patients With Certain Health Problems’.

Once the application is complete and all stipulated conditions are met, the exemption certificate will be issued to the individuals within a week.

Source: Reuters

“Physicians will advise other types of vaccines that are suitable and this is in the Clinical Guidelines of the Ministry of Health (MOH). For example, if a person is allergic to Pfizer type vaccine, other types of vaccines such as Sinovac can be given,” Khairy said.

“If the individual is confirmed unable to take the vaccine for medical reasons, the individual will have to adhere more strictly to standard operating procedures (SOPs) on their own such as wearing a face mask, maintaining physical distancing and frequent hand washing.”

“This is because the individual is more at risk for getting infected with Covid-19.”

According to Astro Awani, Khairy said this in response to a question from Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis on the alternatives available for individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to health factors, and the documentation for these individuals for the purpose of movement in public areas.

Khairy added that those who have been confirmed to be ineligible for the Covid-19 vaccine need to be verified by a registered expert who treats the individuals involved.

He added that the physician should firstly be a physician in a private hospital, or a medical officer who treats patients in the absence of a physician in specialised government hospitals, or a family physician in a government clinic.

Source: Astro Awani

As for the issue of lost vaccination cards for those who do not have digital devices, he said that individuals can inform the nearest PKD. The issue will be scrutinised according to certain procedures before a new vaccination card is re-issued.

Meanwhile, Khairy said that he hopes the flexibility given to fully vaccinated individuals will encourage the ‘hardcore’ individuals who are still reluctant to receive the vaccine to come forward.

He said KKM is always ready to provide detailed information to anyone on the effectiveness of the vaccine, reported Astro Awani.

“For those who are still adamant about not receiving the vaccine, we have also announced that some freedom will only be given to those who have received the complete vaccine,” he said.

“So, with this approach, I hope that those who are still adamant about not receiving the vaccine will come forward to get detailed information.”

“We are always ready to provide information to anyone regarding the efficacy and health of the vaccine.”

He explained that information on the side effects of the vaccine will also be uploaded on KKM’s website starting today (4 October) to enable the public to obtain detailed information.

He reiterated that so far, no deaths have been reported in the country as a result of the vaccination.

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