The Most Instagrammable Ice Cream Ever Is Here! Here’s Why We Love It & Urge You To Try It

Malaysians are no strangers to romance – of course la, when we’re constantly nagged at to get married, have kids, blah blah.  Whether you want to woo someone or bring some spice to your relationship, one thing is for sure: it’s important to think creatively to properly express your love (don’t forget sincerity too!).

After all, you wouldn’t want to be like thousands of others who do the same old romantic gestures, kan? Instead of the traditional rose bouquets or chocolate hearts, why not gift them something unique? Perhaps a rose that you can eat and actually tastes, smells AND looks good? 

If you’re open to that idea, the Cornetto Love Rose is just the thing you’re thinking of.


Wah, what is this Cornetto Love Rose? Sounds so romantic wan?

Source: Wall’s Ice Cream

It is Cornetto’s first ever rose shaped ice cream! So pretty that you won’t want to eat it and just post on Instagram. #CornettoLoveRose

But don’t worry, it tastes as Instagrammable as it looks. Let your (future or current) partner savour its special creamy peach flavour, a symbol of your loving union, as well as its hidden chocolate sauce to round up this new experience. And finally, let them end their decadent experience with Cornetto’s signature crunchy chocolate waffle cone and satisfying chocolate tip.

Source: Wall’s Ice Cream

Whether you’re a baby boomer or millennial, there’s no denying that gifting the Cornetto Love Rose to your loved one would make them feel all lovey-dovey inside and manja with you. They might share it with you, but we recommend buying two for the pair of you to relish it to its fullest.

Omg, look at that chocolate sauce leak (we didn’t plan for this )

Don’t lie ah! Is the Cornetto Love Rose REALLY that good?

You betcha! We went and got it ourselves to see what all the fuss was about. After all, we love experimenting with new things.

Evidence of our adventure. (in compliance with sop, of course)

And guess what – it’s so pretty! It would be a crime not to take a shot with it and post it on the Gram. Just look at it…

Plus, we actually felt like we were eating a rose – the good tasting kind – when we tasted the creamy peach flavoured ice cream, which had just the right sweetness to not be overpowering. The chocolate sauce also balances out the richness of the ice cream, and we can’t get over how smooth and creamy the peach ice cream is!

Even the crunchy chocolate cone and unique chocolate tip aren’t forgotten, ending the whole experience with a satisfying, chocolatey sweetness and crunchiness. Great pairing, Cornetto!

Even if you’re not gifting it romantically, it’s still the perfect ice-cold dessert to weather the warm and humid Malaysian climate.


Wow! Where can I get this ice cream rose?

Source: Wall’s Ice Cream

Cornetto knows how hip online shopping is now, which means you can even order this quirky ice cream on Lazada, Shopee and even Pandamart (Wah, so many options!) to surprise your (potential) lover! Save the world by not going outside and making the effort to express your love? Buying it online is a win-win in our books.

Or if you can’t wait to try it, you can still get the Cornetto Love Rose immediately at most convenience stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets, and more.

Ready to get your love on?  The Cornetto Love Rose is now available on Malaysian shores! For more info on this romantic ice cream, check out Cornetto’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

This article originally appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

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