Why This Product Is Called “The Natural Red-Bull For Your Body”?

Asia’s brain tonic? Healthier version of “Red Bull”? Or could it be an immune booster? You got that right!

Chicken Essence has long been popular and still is for the right reasons, especially among Asian countries. Especially at times like this, with stress arising from an ongoing pandemic that potentially has long-term effects on your daily life, it is crucial to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Health indeed can be the greatest concern yet the best investment for you and your loved ones.

Thus, to many, this can be the golden opportunity to get yourself some Chicken Essence as an act of self-love!

Here are 3 amazing benefits you must know about Chicken Essence:

1. Increase Mental Strength & Health

Scientific studies have shown that Chicken Essence can play an important role in combating mental fatigue while elevating cognitive function. With an increasing number of roles people take on, be it in personal or professional areas, undoubtedly they may take their health for granted. Oftentimes, working adults or children may struggle to have full concentration when they consistently experience fatigue and mental stress in their daily life. With chicken essence, it can definitely help them to instantly recover from tiredness regardless of whether it is mentally or physically.

2. Natural Immune Booster

One of the key benefits of Chicken Essence is the pure essence that can instantly improve your immunity and strengthen the body’s defence force against any disease-causing bacteria. It is said that our body’s immune system plays a tremendous role in making sure we are healthy. However, at times when the body is weaker, it will appreciate more if we consume the right food with the right nutrients that quicken the body’s ability to fend off any disease-causing germs. Chicken Essence can ultimately be the convenient solution to help everyone prevent flu infection through modulating immune functions.

3. All-in-One Essence: Suitable For All

As Chicken Essence is a natural supplement, everyone including children, adults, athletes, pregnant women or even the elderly can consume it safely. Some even boast about how Chicken Essence is the beauty secret among Asian women as they use it to maintain their body and skin after giving birth. Well, it can be true as Chicken Essence acts as a natural remedy that helps enhance blood circulation while replenishing your vitality and repairing skin tissues. It can be the most natural way of adjusting the “qi” within your body through nourishing your body. As it supports muscle rebuilding and rejuvenates energy, making Chicken Essence a perfect gift of good health for athletes or even the elder.

If you are looking for a good choice of Chicken Essence to pamper yourself or your loved ones, Shandon Birdnest has recently launched their own Essence of Chicken!


Shandon Chicken Essence

Shandon Chicken Essence is made from Taiwan’s premium black feather ‘kampung’ chickens that are bred for more than 6 months. Shandon provides 100% organic Chicken Essence with no colouring, antibiotic and preservative added. They always ensure high quality essence is strictly preserved along with the 7 steps of simmering, extracting, filtration, packaging and sterilization.

This ultimately can save your time from cooking long hours of chicken soup! You can instantly enjoy 100% organic Chicken Essence as a health drink with multiple heating methods that are easy to prepare in less than 5 minutes. Besides, its high-tech vacuum individual packaging is an added advantage that gives greater convenience to anyone at all levels including students, working adults, mums and elders. By carrying one packet of Shandon Chicken Essence, you can drink on the go while being worry-free.

Hence, don’t miss out on their latest Shandon Chicken Essence that is made with love. They’ve got all you need whether you’d like some for yourself or a heartwarming gift to your loved ones.

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