Soccer Superstar Messi Embraces Crypto and NFTs

Lionel Messi isn’t “MESSIng” around when it was announced that he will be receiving his annual salary in cryptocurrency.

The world’s top soccer player has exited from Spanish club Barcelona after his contract expired, which shocked many football lovers. He later signed a two-year team contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) that will earn him an annual salary of $41 million and a one-year contract renewal option.

According to the announcement, part of Messi’s salary will be paid in cryptocurrency known as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fan token. The token is established in 2018 and is estimated to range from around 25 to 30 million euros.

This agreement by both parties may perhaps change the future of global sports industry, providing a new solution in terms of how salaries will be paid out to sports players.

Fans Can Make Decisions For The Club With PSG Fan Token

While the club also stated that Messi’s welcome package will include the PSG fan token, the token serves more than just a non-fungible token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Apart from using the token for trades on exchanges, PSG fan tokens will give token holders the ability to vote on minor decisions related to their clubs.

Through an app, fan token holders will also be a part of influencing decisions like the team’s destination for a pre-season tour, music and message on the captain’s armband as well as to vote on the goal of the season and end-of-season awards.

The sales of PSG fan tokens have also surged over €30 million, with market capitalisation rising over 130% in just five days amid speculation over Messi’s arrival, hitting an all-time high of over $60, according to Reuters.

Messi has an NFT of his own

Cryptocurrency isn’t the only crypto craze Messi dipped his foot into. One week ago, Messi has also kicked off his first-ever NFT crypto art collection.

This time, Messi has collaborated with Bosslogic and Ethernity for the release of the “Messiverse” collection. The collection consists of four artworks by Australia-based digital artist Bosslogic, who is most known for his work for Marvel and Disney. The NFTs will depict Messi’s achievements, moments, team love and future accomplishments.

“Messiverse” will be available for sale on the Ethernity platform starting on 20th August.

Like what Messi said in a statement:

“Art, like football, is eternal.”

While clubs are worried about gaining revenue during the pandemic as games have had to be played without an audience, fan tokens became a win-win appeal that allows clubs to earn from digital currency and for fans to engage better with their favourite teams.

Soon enough, the merging of the world of cryptocurrency and sports will only bring the crypto revolution to new, unimagined heights. For more latest updates and cryptocurrency trends, kindly click on the links below:


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