Malaysian Fastest-Selling Mooncake by Shandon Birdnest


It’s the time of the year, the mooncake season has definitely already been well underway.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Shandon Birdnest took this opportunity to surprise everyone with our very《嫦娥奔燕》themed of limited edition mooncakes.

Inspired by the indispensable legendary story of 《嫦娥奔月》where Hou Yi misses his beloved wife Chang’e over the moon, Shandon Birdnest has unveiled its 嫦娥奔燕 (Cháng’é Bēn Yàn) gift box which features Shandon’s signature birdnest that you can enjoy with delectable mooncakes. This is with the hope that this unique gift box connects you and your loved ones together during times of pandemic.

Here is what you will get in a 嫦娥奔燕 gift box:

1. Japan Momoyama gradient skin mooncakes

The gift box comes with a set total of 4 mooncakes consisting of 2 sweet & 2 savoury Japan Momoyama gradient skin mooncakes. It is going to be the most unique flavour you will ever taste! So be sure to try them out while stock lasts.


Here are the 4 luxurious yet exciting fillings and flavours included in the gift box:

韵容 (Black Truffle mooncake)


翠缥 (Black rice with black fungus mooncake)


紫蒲 (Savoury French bacon mooncake)


松花 (Oolong milk tea mooncake)




2. Shandon Freshly Boiled Birdnest


In order to spice things up, we have paired up low calories & low sugar mooncakes with luscious flavours this time together with Shandon freshly boiled birdnest as your Mid-Autumn gift box!



In the gift box it will include a total of 4 bottles of Shandon freshly boiled birdnest with:

  • 2 original
  • 2 pandan



Also, this gift box comes with FREE 1 box of longan red date tea, 1 knife & fork set, and a wishing card.

We pride ourselves in providing freshly made mooncakes and birdnest especially only for you during this season.

Hence, don’t miss out on the best combination of exclusive mooncakes along with Shandon freshly boiled birdnest this Mid-Autumn Festival! We’ve got all you need whether you’d like some for yourself or a heartwarming gift to your loved ones.

Buy now before they’re sold out!

Pss… Mooncake Festival 2021 falls on 21st September 2021!

Visit Shandon Birdnest’s Website now to purchase and send to your loved one before they are sold out again like last year!

Express Door for you to Check it out >> here.

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