Altimates Celebrates Growth and Achievements with International Expansion to Japan

Altimates, the leading blockchain asset investment platform has come a long way in its mission to transform the traditional economic system while reconstructing sustainable payment models on a global scale. Since 2019, Altimates has provided incentives to subscribers worldwide through blockchain asset arbitrage trading, which grew exponentially during the pandemic.   

Altimates 3.0 was successfully launched in 2020 which includes new features that significantly broaden access to crypto products and crypto exchanges for a seamless trading experience. It was well-received by users and gained prestigious recognition as one of the best arbitrage trading tools in 2020. 

Earlier this year, Altimates has extended its business to Japan by entering a new multi-year agreement with Playtech on next-generation technologies to advanced cryptocurrency arbitrage trading experiences worldwide. Co-founded by Mr Dave, Mr Saito and Mr Sakai, Playtech was legally registered in Singapore last year and its paid-up capital has exceeded S$100,000, while providing services like IT/Tech solution, financial education, assets management solution that is mainly crypto-related, etc. 

The partnership will bring significant additional value and benefits to the cryptocurrency trading service as Altimatess reach their target audience in Japan with the support from Playtech. In addition to the partnership, Altimates is one of the most promising crypto-asset investment platforms to watch out for as listed in a few established websites like Yahoo!FinanceAsahi ShimbunCNet. 財経新聞 (Zaikei Shimbun), Market WatchFinanzen.ChExcite.NewsFox 40 News69News and more. 

About Altimates 

Altimates is an established global blockchain asset investment platform that specialises in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading, providing a variety of arbitrage tools and services and allowing users to conduct crypto arbitrage trades in the easiest way while gaining stable investment returns. 

Through Altimates’ AI-fueled platform, Altimates will enable a more fruitful investment return that evokes a sense of fairness, openness and transparency for the benefit of everyone. 

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