It Took a Pandemic, But Now We Realize How Useful These 6 Basics Are

As cliché as it may sound by now, we’re a year and some change into living through a global pandemic, and, well, I’m definitely still processing everything. I wish the tragedy it’s wreaked never happened, but it did, and it’s only human of me to try to find some sort of silver lining in all of it. As a fashion editor, I naturally do a lot of thinking about the state of my own closet, and what I’ve come to realize after so many months of living in nothing but sweatpants and loungewear is that I had never really given my wardrobe basics the time of day pre-pandemic. 

So, yes, it took an unprecedented global event to bring it to my attention, but now I finally realize just how valuable the below closet staples really are. Hey, better late than never. At the very least, the pandemic (which, let’s be real, is far from over) has inspired me to give these items a new emphasis. So while I navigate the in-between lifestyle of going out more while continuing to work from home, you can bet I’ll be keeping a healthy stock of these items in my rotation, this year and beyond.

1. Sweatshorts

How did we ever get by without sweatshorts? They’ve nearly replaced all my joggers as the easy, at-home option.

2. Big Button-Downs

Wear them with sweats, wear them unbuttoned as a layering piece, or wear them dressed up—the options are quite literally endless.

3. Ribbed Knitwear

Ribbed anything—the detailed texture just makes any piece seem that much more luxurious. 

Thick Tube Socks

Because shoes are so 2019.

Plain Racer Tanks

The unofficial basic in fashion-girl closets everywhere. Versatile, comfortable, chic. Name a more useful wardrobe staple… I’ll wait.

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