How The New Generation Is Pushing Bitcoin Into The Mainstream

Look out, there’s a new kid on the crypto block and they’re here to transform the future of currencies with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We’re living in an era of digital revolution and digital money like cryptocurrencies has proven to be the predictable future. Over the decade, cryptocurrency has inspired many job opportunities and multiple business startups, further legitimizing their position in the mainstream.

While cryptocurrency prices remain dependent on speculative interest, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin is not a bubble and will grow for the next 10 years all because of the accelerated adoption from businesses and individuals, especially Generation Z. There are some key reasons why Generation Z is expected to lead cryptocurrency into a new era of choices to investment as they drive Bitcoin adoption through the coming years.

Young People Are Changing The Landscape 

According to research, Generation Z has surpassed millennials and baby boomers into becoming the largest generation in the world,  making up for more than one-third of the global population. Generation Z is also the first digital native that grew up connected to the internet – even a 3-year-old can unlock a smartphone and open their favourite apps by themselves. It’s hard to imagine a youngster without their smartphone and the internet.

Studies also stated that the demographic for bitcoin owned in the US is led by younger age groups with a positive perception about the future of cryptocurrencies and belief that Bitcoin is a positive innovation in financial technology.

With the digital landscape providing endless opportunities to grow, connect and build, Much of Gen Z’s trust in digital payments and blockchain-based service is attributed to their increased digital reliance and media influence.

The announcement from Tesla, PayPal and Visa to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment helped increase its value and accelerate the acceptance of Bitcoin among business entities, making cryptocurrency transactions an even more important demographic in the digital market.

Retirement Portfolio Alternative

While bitcoin is known to be highly volatile with past records of over $3,000 market value jumped in a day and two-digit drops on multiple occasions, many zoomers are comfortable with and have a strong preference for considering it as a retirement plan, ultimately due to two important reasons:

First off, there’s a long way to go before generation Z faces retirement, thus they are more willing to take investment risk. Second, the unaffordable housing crisis led to bankers and brokers playing fast and loose with traditional investments, making the crypto market a better investing alternative.

A study even suggested that investing in Bitcoin may bring double the return compared to a traditional portfolio consisting of 40% bonds and 60% stocks over a four-year time span.

Growing Interest in Crypto Investing 

Considering how young people see Bitcoin as a store of value, like gold, it is no doubt that  Generation Z is one of the largest players in the crypto space and Bitcoin has served as an alternative investment during times of economic crisis.

Generation Z may be more digital illiterate compared to generation X or baby boomers, however, their lack of traditional financial expertise would greatly influence how the market works. Easy access to a plethora of sophisticated cryptocurrency platforms also made them more willing to take risks and invest money in cryptocurrency without any limiting factor.

How To Get Involved With Low Risk

There is no denying that investing in cryptocurrency can be intimidating. Other than constantly monitoring for drastic value swings, the lack of government intervention could brew uncertainty among novice investors.

We cannot say for certain that things have changed, however, Bitcoin’s price volatility has appeared to decrease over the years and the overall crypto space and the market for Bitcoin have been growing more stable.

While the day-trading frenzy continues to spread to other parts of the world, young traders should understand the importance of security and the need for a user-friendly platform like Altimates that are the safest and provides the lowest trading fee. It’s also best to consider pricing and account types.

Altimates provides more freedom and flexibility through arbitrage trading. In fact, everyone is welcomed to trade in Altimates, not just high net worth individuals. Age should not be a limiting factor to join cryptocurrency trading, and Altimates, the leading blockchain asset investment platform ensures that.

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The Crypto Platform For Everyone 

Are you all set to join the cryptocurrency revolution?

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