Can You Really Earn Money As Much As Top Traders?

Earning has never been easier with Altimate’s Social Trade and here’s how.

There are many reasons why arbitrage is one of the most popular crypto investment strategies among traders. Other than it being risk-free and arbitrage opportunities are limitless, experienced arbitrageurs earn a decent amount of payouts every time they trade. However, this does not happen overnight.

Many arbitrageurs go through trials and errors to gain knowledge and the right strategy to navigate in the volatile market. It also takes months and even years of experience to hone one’s trading skills, so if you want to achieve your financial goals and earn big in the market, I suggest you better start getting to it.

Arbitrage Is Not For Everyone? 

Then comes the tricky question. Are you suited for arbitrage trading if you often struggle to balance between your personal life and monitoring crypto charts? What if you’re a newbie who constantly makes mistakes? Is it possible to make consistent arbitrage earnings despite having less time? Fortunately, some platforms have a solution for this.

Anyone Can Be A Top Expert 

Your profit is often based on the time you spend on trading, which makes it difficult for beginners or those who are preoccupied with work to make consistent money. If you’re looking to achieve the impossible, Altimates offers an easy and innovative way for traders to maximise their earnings just by copying trades.

With social trade, Altimates has created an opportunity to earn like top traders when they choose the Super Traders they want to follow, given that they fit your market liquidity risk and duplicate their trading patterns and strategies automatically for easy gains.

When they gain, you gain.

Users will have full control over their own investment portfolio. Better yet, Altimates system ensures absolute transparency as users are able to monitor their own profit and their preferred Super Trader’s track records, making it easy to learn trading strategies from Super Traders.

Super traders on the other hand are able to gain an additional 30% rewards by letting others copy your trade!

It’s also worth noting that Altimates provides professional support via Telegram or email 24/7.

Win-Win Strategy For Success

Your user experience is Altimates’ number one priority. Therefore, Altimates constantly improves its features to enhance users’ trading experience and elevate their trading game.

The good news — Altimates social trade feature is now open to every Altimates traders via Altimates’ platform! From 1st April 2021 onwards, as long as you are a subscriber of Arbitrage AI System (AAIS) plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits awarded to their users.

Here’s how it works: Supportive Arbitrage Subscribers will be able to perform up to 15 copy trades a day while Robotic Arbitrage Subscribers are able to perform up to 40 copy trades a day. As for Social Arbitrage Subscribers, Altimates users will still be able to enjoy unlimited social trading every single day.

Everyone Can Trade Along

Want to trade without any technical skills and with minimum time? Altimates’ social trade is the most effective trading strategy for individuals that are new in the market or have no time to trade independently. In short, Altimates has real professional traders to trade on your behalf while you just collect the winnings.

All you need to do is just subscribe and watch your money grow. 

Being one of the leading arbitrage trading platforms that offer social trade features, Altimates is looking to unleash their 5th Gen Arbitrage Mode in the competitive blockchain investment industry, making their platform accessible to both professionals and novice traders. On top of that, Altimates also offers an array of AI-integrated features and exciting rewards for all of their users.

Arbitrage trading can be zero-risk with Altimates leading you through the way. In your perilous journey to reap a fortune, let Altimates be the one to guide you forward.

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