The Best Way to Boost Gaining Easily With Crypto Arbitrage

Altimates newly launched Membership System & Group Trading Bonus (GTB) wants you to gain effortlessly as a team. Here’s how.

Bitcoin’s value has exploded and risen over $60,000 for the first time in the past month. While many celebrate their wins from the market gains, arbitrage traders are making even greater wins from the market ups and downs.

When it comes to making a profit through cryptocurrency arbitrage, opportunities are always endless. Arbitrage happens in an inefficient market in which traders benefit from the price discrepancy between two different exchanges.

Arbitrage has traditionally been used in stock markets before traders exploit them in crypto markets. However, there are limiting factors to those who want to gain tremendously through crypto arbitrage.

Arbitrage Is Not For Ordinary Investors Like You 

Undoubtedly, the pandemic last year has caused increased stress and anxiety among traders, especially when the quarantine restrictions have led to panic selling and one of the worst crypto markets crashes in history.

Till today, many are still suffering from the covid-19 selloff, yet the rich get richer by trading arbitrage trades and fueling for higher returns. This happens because many platforms only allow high net worth individuals and companies to access the lucrative arbitrage market.

When arbitrage is only reserved for high net worth individuals, there will be a serious inequality gap among arbitrage traders. 

In Altimates, they acknowledge the inequality presented and to resolve the issue at hand, Altimates has explored a new investment mode that allows every arbitrage trader to work as one for greater profit. The idea is simple: Altimates wants everyone to enjoy the gains previously available only to the super-rich.

In Altimates, A doesn’t stand for Alone. A stands for Absolute Advantage.

Earning More As A Team

As Altimates expand their presence on the cryptocurrency landscape, Altimates has grown into one of the leading crypto arbitrage platforms that offer greater security, subscription plans and better returns; not just to the privileged, but to every trader who is entering the crypto market during these trying times.

In order to eventuate that vision, Altimates have officially launched the all-new Membership System and Group Trading Bonus (GTB) to allow every trader to work as a team to make stable passive income.

How Does It Work? 

Altimates aims to reward their active users with bonuses so they can increase their profits in the most stable and easiest way. As long as you are a subscriber of Altimates Social Arbitrage Package under the Altier 2 membership level, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits awarded to Altimates’ users.

Here’s how it works: Altimates users who have successfully fulfilled their individual monthly trading volume and minimum direct push rewards will be able to receive a bonus in the form of the team’s reward commission in the coming month.

For instance, Alex — an active member under the Altier 2 membership with three direct referrals  (all who are subscribed to Altimates Social Arbitrage Package) has successfully reached his total of 200,000 AIT individual trading volume. Therefore, he will be able to receive 10% of the team’s weekly trading fee as a group trading bonus (GTB) in the next month.

So if Alex’s total team trading fee is 30,000 AIT, Alex will then receive 10% of the group trading bonus (GTB), which is 3,000 AIT as a reward.

In other words, the greater the team reward, the greater your reward.

Effortless Winning For All

In the midst of the pandemic and tightening quarantine, Altimates hopes to offer our support to our loyal users and to raise the bar against other legitimate players in the field. Altimates will continue to provide top-notch, user-friendly AI features to ensure users are able to gain as much as possible.

Altimates is not for one, but for everyone. 

Altimates has been a major advocate for the development of the digital economy and is constantly keeping a close eye on every potential opportunity for development in the realm of global digitalisation.

Arbitrage trading can be zero-risk with Altimates leading you through the way. In your perilous journey to reap a fortune, let Altimates be the one to guide you forward.

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